Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Fish, Not Bling

As Reported in the Anchorage Daily News...

Jewelers say they won't buy Pebble prospect's 'Dirty Gold'

Companies call for protection of river drainages

"Some businesses refuse to sell salmon from fish farms or "conflict diamonds" from war-torn countries.

Now, gold from Alaska's massive Pebble mineral deposit is apparently off the menu for some jewelers.

On Tuesday, two days before Valentine's Day, five major jewelers, including Tiffany & Co., announced they are against using "dirty gold" from Pebble, a large and controversial copper and gold prospect in Southwest Alaska, because of possible risks to the region's salmon fisheries."

Things like this give us hope...the whole story can be found Here.

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andy said...

youll be happy to know that the D-Bag legislator from NIkiski introduced legislation which would make it illegal to buy gold in ALaska which is not FROM ALaska.