Thursday, February 21, 2008

Bitchin' Idea #2942

Sunscreen and Shades?

Mask and Snorkel?
You betcha.

Flip Flops?

4 Island Hopper shirts and 2 pairs of cargo shorts?
Hell yeah.

Echo Trip Kit?
You know it, brotha.

From the man behind the insanely addictive Micro-practice-rod-thingy comes the Trip, a new 8-piece, 9-foot flyrod in a snazzy as hell cordura travel case. At 17"x6.5"x3", this thing fits in most backpacks that don't have almond-eyed Japanimation animals on them...and probably some that do. With room for a reel, a flybox, some tippet wheels, and other miscellaneous crap that we flyfishers seem to glom onto, it's the full deal in a tiny package.

At any rate, we are now mostly ready for the all-out frontal assault on rest and relaxation, thanks to Señor Rajeff. Lookin' forward to "warm sandy beaches and cocktails with little straw hats", as Uncle Avi once said.

21°52'43"N, 159°28'08"W.

57 hours and counting.

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