Sunday, October 9, 2011

Ready to Run

RoadTrip '11 v5 commences in 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 29 seconds, kids.

We tied 'til our fingers bled for this one, so as usual we got more flies than a Mexican dump. Lotta new questions to throw at the fish, lotta craziness from the dark corners of a fish-diseased mind. We are, of course, fully prepared to get the fin on some of the new creations, but there's others that will most likely crush in new and interesting ways when we get all up in the weird water.

Also a new feature on this trip are the 45'+ lines. We got some quality time in with a few short-bellies, and we are diggin' the feel - we're gonna be hard-pressed to give up the scandi compact love when it comes to skating the pockets, but when we get the chance, we're gonna let the longer dogs do a little huntin' this year.

5 rods
6 reels
18 lines
12 running lines
4 sets of tips...mid-day work, you understand.
3,117 flies
8 miles of leader material
2 lucky hats
1 flask full of Lagavulin 16 year old...only guaranteed to last the first day.

11 full days in the breaks, traveling at night and low to the ground, prowlin' around the water nobody else likes, throwin' darts into the strange and lookin' for new dance partners...

Can't wait, fisha.

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