Monday, June 6, 2011

One down, one to go

RoadTrip '11 v3 is in the can. There is still a bit of PTDD (post-trip depression disorder...c'mon, keep up) lingering, and while we haven't openly wept while browsing through the trip photos, we'll admit that we get a bit misty-eyed and have a sudden lust for tacos and ceviche. We haven't done much editing, but after chopping up a few pics, we figured there was a little too much story to tell and not much time between now and RoadTrip '11 for now, here's a little taste of the tropics.

That was then, this is now. RoadTrip '11 v4 commences in 23 hours, 52 minutes, and 18 seconds. We're makin' a list, but we're pretty sure that we got the basics covered - Babywipes, Scotch, 7133 & 7132, huge-ass flies, Darth Vader mask, bail money, and a baggie for our pride when we get crushed by Walter...'cause you know it's gonna happen. 5 Days in the Holy Water, a week in the grease, 120 hours with the the peddler of Hope, the crusher of Dreams...we've been there before, and like a fool to his folly and a dog to his vomit, we're goin' back to get sunburned, chapped, chafed, schooled, and humbled. The last time, we pulled off a few wins, took a few from the home team - we're hopin' for a repeat performance this time but we know how fickle lady luck can be, so we ain't holdin' our breath.

Can't wait, fisha.

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