Saturday, March 12, 2011

Repent, Recant, Recalibrate

Remember our stance on loud reels? The kind that sound like cats screwing in a tin can?

...Yeah, we do too.


We have been lookin' to round out the twig selection, and finally settled on the Winston BII-x 7133 - super sweet action, light in the hand, all a fella needs for long-bellies to super shorties. We figured we had the reel all picked out for this one, too - sealed drag, no click, bombproof, idiot-proof...all the things that we dig in a reel.

But after we got to fondle the Silveynator's super-sweet BII-x 7133/Bougle setup, we decided that if we were gonna pull the trigger on a new twig, might as well go whole hog and get us one of those loud reels to make the package complete. We got all kinds of excuses for this irrational balances the 7133 perfectly, the ivory handle feels good, it sits tight underneath the rod, blah blah blah...but it came down to pure aesthetics on this one.

This one was just too sexy to pass up.

For the moment, it is our new baby. We gotta admit, when the line gets rippin' off this thing, it is kinda like someone else's baby - as in, a loud caterwauling that you wish would stop. Still, we are happy with our new acquisition. Yes, it IS a bit on the traditional side, and given our stance on tradition this might seem a little hypocritical. But you can't move forward until you know the past, so we're filing this one under "research purposes".

85 days 'til we get to put it to the test.


Steelie Mike said...

After all the smack talk I guess I am going to hear you later this Fall.

Dig this. said...

I'd take a Bougle over some of the unimaginative, CNC'd BS being made by every other mother trucker and his brother any day!

the nutman said...

well have you ever heard if it isn't broken don,t fix it.It might be traditional but it has worked for longer then we have been around so don't create a new wagon wheel.Just fish the #$%^out of it !

kevin maier said...

had one of them back in the 90s--lasted precisely one good-sized winter steelhead. to clarify, the reel was fine, my knuckles, on the other hand...

still regret selling the thing, tho', as it's a real looker.

Dustin's Fly Box said...

Great blog! You got a new follower