Tuesday, January 26, 2010

RoadTrip '10 v2.0

Once again, we be off.

This time 'round, first stop is beautiful downtown Puyallup, WA, for the Sportsman's Show at the fairgrounds - 5 days of bugling elk, barking dogs, and chaw-stained NASCAR-lookin' walleye fishing shirts. Booth #558 will be home for the duration, so stop by and say hi if you are in the general vicinity.

Plans of a coastal nature have been hatched with Ratbone, with the nascent rumblings of a midnight drive followed by much beer consumption, snap casting, and a smattering of rowing.

Gig Harbor WA is next on the itinerary, for a 2-night stand at the Tides Tavern. Check out the poster, peeps.

Off to Stumptown for SupaBowl weekend, with a possible Diggler - HoJo sighting/rendezvous in the mix. Fishing, naturally, is de rigeur, and overtures of the piscine sort have been made to both Bacon and Hickman...ball is in your court, fellas.

Killer K and J-Po, both Stumptown clowns formerly of Juneau, are on the radar as well. Killer K is gettin' his escuela on, so we figure a tidy break with a half-day piscine biathlon is in order... Not sure what the PoPo is up to, but we're pretty sure we'll get that sorted over beers one night. More "Red Gold" showing is on the plate, but the time and place is YTBD.

Yard' (not 'yard) gave us a whistle with the intent on fishing down OR way...you know it, fella. Give us a bell on the mobby, mang.

...And after the interlude, it's back to work in the salt mines of the Portland sportsman's show. 5 more days of RealTree, UglyStik, Bob's best catfish bloodbait, and big hair.

See you in a few weeks, kids.

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the nutman said...

Way to funny at the portland mo po show ,nascar ,fuel injected loggers and miners up to sprouting and touting early in the am . Was good to hand out man ,hope to catch up with you again ,next time we should get some moby fish time in bro !
The nutman