Friday, September 18, 2009

Pins and Needles

RoadTrip '09 v2.1 is scratched.

Work is an annoyance, but it pays for all the cool stuff we get to do in the 8 months we don't work. Sometimes, work and fun have conflicting schedules - anyone wanna guess which one wins out?

The first leg of v2.1 was to commence last Tuesday. After getting the news of a kink in the endgame work pattern, tickets were exchanged and funds re-funded towards RoadTrip '09 v3, the October Harvest Trip. We cried a little, but tried not to sniffle in public, and figured that if we couldn't get to fish the big river with Narwhal and Drifter this year, it wasn't meant to be.

Things started looking up last night.

With just 36 hours notice, we have a reprieve of 5 days.

RoadTrip '09 v2.2 is on, kids. We have been throwin' things in the washer and sorting through gear and painting beads like a house on fire. Less than 20 hour 'til the plane leaves, and we still have a pile of beads to cure, a mess of leaders to tie, and a few dozen flesh flies to whip up.

Just about there...Tomorrow at this time, one of these will be in the mouth of a finny friend at mile 81, river left.

Game on, kids.

See you in a week.

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John said...

Hey G_smelt_it,

Black and White! WTF How can we steal your color choices if we can't see them. Son of a bitch. Is that Revlon???