Wednesday, June 17, 2009

That'll do, Pig.

The call came around mid-afternoon.

"Gonger stuck a big one", the Dirty Hippie said, "Gotta be at least 40".


The another call. "Your buddy bagged a thumper on the Outside Drag, we were right next to him. You gotta see this fish."

Interesting. We were starting to wonder if the Hippie had the proportions right, if the Gonger really did bag a big'un.

Then the knock at the door that evening. Gonger, covered in fish slime, holding a beer - "You gotta come see this thing, man."

And yes, it was big.

42¼" x 28½ ", which puts it at 44 lbs by conservative estimate and 48+ by some of the regression plots - Gonger couldn't find a scale, so we winged it with the old (but good) Weight X Girth² / 770 formula.

That'll do, Pig.

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