Monday, October 20, 2008


Leaving a flow always brings on the same thoughts, the same inner dialogue of rational vs. obsessed...

"Awesome. That was some fun fishin'."

"Call that fishin'? Lollygaggin' around, lookin' at bugs n birds n dog knows what else?"

"Well, yeah...that's all a part of the experience, y'know?"

"Well, while we were starin' at bugs, there were fish to be played with...Dammit, we should have stayed at that one rock for a few more casts. Why didn't we, huh?"

"What about that scenery, hey? Beautiful...nothin' like it."

"Scenery? We want scenery, we'll look at the peak out the back door. We didn't come 1800 miles to stare at some freakin' SCENERY."

"Well, at least we found some fish that wanted to play."

"Dummy. If we would have changed rigs and moved down two rocks, we woulda been knee-deep in fish. Next time, listen to me."

...And on and on. Sometimes it consumes the entire trip home, often taking a day or so to work itself out. Eventually, the schizophrenic rabble fades away, and the experience seems all the more rounded for it. We have learned to accept both voices in stride, to let them get their dialogue out of the way, and to not interrupt them...sometimes the Rational picks up on amazing details, and we can always count on the Obsessed to develop some dirty technique to really catch 'em all.

Scenes from both.

Pa, hard at work.

The Last Sunset.

The Last Good Cast.

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Reel Pure said...

you Smolt are fishy as phuck.